Monday, October 11, 2010

Music to my ears

There always the debate on whether music helps or distracts a writer. I always needed music when I write. It helps me set the mood for whatever scene I'm writing at the moment. However, I will admit, it does distract you. Especially when you know the words and sing along. Darn catchy Glee songs.

But I always get into a scene more when I have music. Especially the sad ones. It brings out emotions in me with a few notes. My stomach clenches, goosebumps pop out. It just makes me feel like I'm actually there. But certain songs brings out certain emotions. That's why I have different playlists for each type of scene.

And when I was looking over my "sad" playlist the other day, I realized a pattern. All of my sad songs were either piano/classical music or asian music. But it has to be in a language I didn't understand. Since I'm vietnamese, anything in chinese, taiwanese, korean, or japanese was fine. And even when I started to memorize the songs and sing along, it was ok because I was really just singing noises. (It's not as weird as it sounds lol) I had no idea what it meant so I didn't get distracted.

For example, I always go to this song when I'm writing a very emotional scene.
Shivia Lee - My Memory
I can sing this entire song yet have no idea what it's about. For all I know, she could be singing about the memory of her lost shoe. xD Which is fine with me because it gets the job done. Listening to this a few times always gives me goosebumps and depresses me.

And what do I listen to to get into a happy scene? Well...
"Back to witches and wizards
and magical beasts
to goblins and ghosts
and to magical feasts.
It's all that I love
and it's all that I need at
Hogwarts...Hogwarts I think I'm going back."

If you don't know what I'm talking don't know what you're missing!
A Very Potter Musical

What about you? What helps you get into the mood?

*Image came from deviantart