Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Letters to my Fake Boyfriends

Yes, you read correctly, I have TWO letters for Amparo's Blogfest! I just couldn't decide. Although when I finished writing these I realized that one was more of an admiration letter than a love letter and the other one was just a flat out breakup letter. Oh well, hope you guys enjoy! I had a blast with this hehe.

First off, *drumrolls* The one and only...Mr. Logan Echolls!

My dear tortured, rich 09’er boyfriend,

What am I to do with you? I told you over and over that we can’t be together. I know that time we met in Mexico was fun. And the making out was certainly entertaining. And I’ll always treasure that day on your dead murderer father’s yacht when you told me you realized that you never actually knew the meaning of the word epic until you met me. (Which btw worried me, so I bought you a dictionary).

Yet we can’t be together. It’s too dangerous. I’ll be too worried for my life. I don’t want the millions of LoVe shippers to come after me with pitchforks wanting to lynch me. I know you said you’re willing to take the risk, but I’m not because I know they won’t hurt you. All you have to do is smile and say something sarcastic and they’ll be melted putty in your hands. Unfortunately, I don’t have that superpower.

Still, that’s not the entire truth. The main reason is that I know I can’t be with you because even I’m rooting for you and Veronica. You remember, the girl that smelled of marshmallows and promises? Right. You belong with her, not me. I know, crazy huh? But it’s true. You’re made for each other. You two should get married and have lots of blond, witty, snarky commented babies and grow old together. Forget about how smart, talented, and beautiful you think I am. Forget about me.

I’ll be crossing my fingers for the day when I can see you two together again.

<3 Jenn

To my supermegafoxyawesomehot boyfriend,

Yes, I’m talking to you, Mr. Darren Freakin’ Criss. 

I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t in my life. You sing. You dance. You act. You play the piano and guitar and drums AND violin (not to mention I’ve seen a picture of you with a cello). I mean, seriously dude, like Red Vines, what CAN’T you do? 

But the best part about you is that you’re a true and true nerd. And I say that in the best possible way, of course. It makes you real. Humble. Approachable and loveable. Whether it’s your acting as the awesome Harry Potter or fanboying about Avatar: The Last Airbender (which made me love you more btw). Or even the way you make fun of yourself at interviews. 

I’ve known you since Harry Potter Musical and I won’t lie and say that Glee hasn’t made me love you even more (cause it obviously did, I mean who can resist Blaine?!), but you had a spot in my heart long before that. And I’m sure you’ll stay there for a long time.

<3 Jenn

P.S You know, I decided a mere picture doesn’t do you justice.

If you guys haven't done this yet, then who are your literary/celebrity crushes?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I didn't want to make another post with an excerpt, but I couldn't resist Stina and Christina's Just Kiss Already Blogfest. I already read some of everyone else's and they're AWESOME toe curling scenes! A perfect way to spend Valentines Day. You know, besides being with the boyfriend that is :)

Title: WIP Just a Con

Setup: Let's just say Megan and Ian were arguing and Ian found another way to settle the fight. The best way of course. (It's a little over 250 words because I couldn't help myself :))

“Will you just—” he stopped and shook his head. “Just shut up for a minute, okay?”
“But why—” I couldn’t continue because his lips were suddenly on mines. Warm, soft, wet, and as strange as it sounds, so delicious I could feel shivers running up and down my arms and back.
I’ve been kissed before. It’s hard to pull off cons without giving at least something back to keep the target from leaving. I’ll admit I get carried away sometimes and we move past first base. Never all the way though. I wasn’t exactly a prude, but a slut I was not.
It was different with Ian though. Maybe because I knew I wouldn’t get anything from him. God knows I couldn’t manipulate him from day one. Maybe it was because I could tell that he genuinely liked me and wasn’t only trying to get into my pants. Or maybe it was because I knew I liked him far more than I was supposed to.
He cradled my face in his hands and leaned in closer to deepen the kiss, his warm breath mingled with mines. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held on tightly when my legs started to feel weak like he drugged me. I threaded my fingers in his dark hair that softly curled around his nape.
Ian stumbled backwards and I felt him bump into the back of the sofa. Before I could react, he picked me up and we fell backwards onto the white cushions. I laughed as he pulled me to sit on his lap, straddling his lap. I traced his adorable crooked dimples for a minute before pulling his head down for another kiss. That was enough of a break.
I don’t know how long we stayed like that, wrapped around each other, hands caressing each other, but he pulled away first.
“That’s why,” he said with a shaky deep breath.
"Oh." What the hell was he talking about? To be honest, I couldn't even what our conversation was about before. I mean, who could remember after those fifteen minutes in heaven?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Just a Con: Raindrops

“I guess we shouldn’t have parked across the street,” Ian said, changing the subject with a groan. “Do you think it’ll let up anytime soon?”
As a response, the rain seemed to thunder down even harder. I looked up at the rumbling dark clouds with a doubtful frown. “Unless soon would mean tomorrow.”
“Our car’s not that far. We could run.” Ian gave me a wide grin. “Unless you’re afraid the rain might make you melt.”
At his challenge, I hopped off of the curb and landed in a large puddle with a splash. Wet gritty mud sloshed into my sandals and between my toes. It wasn’t long before my clothes and hair was completely soaked through. I swept my dark locks off my face and turned to him with my hands on my hips. “Well, come on.” I taunted. “Afraid your expensive leather jacket’s going to get ruined?”
He chuckled. “For your information, I don’t even know what my jacket’s made of.”
“Then what are you waiting for?”
“I just want to remember this moment forever.” Ian used his thumbs and index fingers to make a frame. “The image of you looking like a drowned rat. It warms my heart.”
“Well, that makes two of us.” I leapt forward and grabbed his hands, dragging him into the rain with me.
Just as he came off the curb, a large stream of water came off the roof and landed right on his face, causing him to choke and sputter. Unable to help myself, I clenched my stomach with my arms and laughed until I was practically gasping for air.
With an evil glint in his eyes, Ian pulled me toward him until the water splattered on me too. He kept an iron grip around my shoulders and tilted my chin up until I got a faceful of the rainwater. I alternated between laughing and gurgling.
Finally, he pulled us both out of the waterfall and into the shelter of the diner. I gave him a mock glare and wrung my hair to get the water out.
“Alright, that’s enough.” Ian fervently shook his head, making his hair fly around and stick up in all directions effectively drenching me once more. He raised both hands in surrender. “Now that we’re even, let’s go home before we both get pneumonia.”
I didn’t realize until we were standing on the sidewalk that Ian was still holding onto me. I peered up at him out of the corner of my eyes, but his gaze was straight ahead, watching the street to make sure we didn’t get run over. His hair was plastered to his forehead and neck. Droplets of rain ran down his nose and lashes.
I thought he forgot until he shifted his hand and laced his fingers through my cold ones. He looked down at me and smiled, lightly squeezing my hand.
I could have pulled away right then and there. I should have.
But I didn’t.