WISTFUL - YA Historical Romance (77k)

          Bound in a loveless marriage to a seventy year old man at the age of fifteen; this is Julie Haynsworth's fate. Or at least it will be if she abides to her parents' wishes and remain married to Viscount Vaugh to settle their numerous debts.

          Driven by desperation and clad in a stable boy's clothing, Julie escapes in the middle of the night with nothing but the desire to live her own life. She finds refuge with a poor yet kind family as Avery, a homeless lost 'boy'. Although far from safe, she can't help but lower her guard around the trusting family; enough to fall in love with Hayden Bennett, the only son in the family. Too bad he sees her as the "brother he never had". Despite her unrequited love and the fact that Hayden is about to pledge his life to another, Julie finds life at the Bennett household happier than she ever thought possible.

          But her peaceful life doesn’t last for long. Marcus Edmund Atherton, the Marquess of Wickham’s handsome son, appears in their lives. From the start, his taunting smirk make Julie worry that he may know more about her than he lets on. But just when she convinces herself that he doesn’t know anything after all, she gets a surprise visit from the last people she ever wanted to see—her parents.

LOVE CONTRACT - YA Contemporary Romance (56k)

          Seventeen-year-old Taylor Simmons's life, as she knows it, is screwed.
          Her only goal in high school is to go to Columbia University and become a top hot shot lawyer--just like Daddy. For years, she had to put her personal life aside and keep her record pristine. But all that flies out the window when she wakes up in bed with Evan McKinley after a late night party that she shouldn't have been at in the first place.
          With her clothes still intacted, Taylor is 98% sure that nothing happened. All the evidence points to that. Too bad nobody cares. They prefer to believe the 2% possibility instead. The school's salutatorian--damn that Brian Long and his high IQ-together with Nathan Wilks High's very own infamous man-hoe are more than the gossips can bare.
          As the day drags on, rumors grow and escalate until Taylor's petite figure have been ogled--something her barely there A's have NEVER experienced before--and compared to the Space Mountain ride at Disney World. Exciting, fast, and well used. The only way to salvage her tattered reputation is to convince the world that she had been having a secret relationship with Evan all along and the night before wasn't just a one night stand. Better to be known as the one to tame the wild surfer than just another notch on his surfboard.
          Now if only he would agree.

WHATEVER IT TAKES - YA Contemporary Romance (WIP)

          Sam Daniels’s dream of taking his Cougars basketball team to the championships—along with the free ride to Duke University that usually comes with it—gets flushed down the toilet when his mom is transferred to Ohio, of all places. That is, unless his aunt and uncle would take him in for the rest of the year. Too bad they’re not—ahem—particularly fond of him. The only person that could convince them is his nerdy cousin, Brandon. But his cooperation doesn’t come without strings. This anime-loving, roleplay-gamer wants Sam’s help to catch the eye of his crush, Lori, who happens to be the most popular girl in school.

          It doesn’t take long for Sam and Brandon to discover that Lori’s weakness is her younger brother, Jimmy, who recently came out of the closet. So Sam does the only thing he could think of to get close to them. He comes out too, but only to Jimmy, Lori, and their highly suspicious and sarcastic cousin.

          Kylie may not know what Sam’s motives are—although she’s almost positively certain it concerns her gorgeous cousin—but she knows not to trust him. He’s nothing but a type A, self-centered jock. Three years of school with him is enough evidence of that. So when he professes to be gay and starts to hang out with Jimmy, she knows he’s full of crap. And she’s determined to prove it no matter what.