Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trends & Temptation

I never wanted to start a blog. I never thought I'd have much to say to people. But for some reason I had an urge to this morning. So I had to: "Give Into Temptation". (hence the blog title) Haha. Not funny? Yeah, you're in for a treat then :)

So what was this oh so important thing on my mind that wouldn't go away? TRENDS. Yeah, I said it. The dreaded six letter word. *ominous music* We all heard the advice before. Never write to trends. You won't be able to put your all into it if you're just following the trend and even if you do finish a novel, it may be over by then.

But what happens if what you WANT to write happens to follow the trend? Then you have to think long and hard before to Give Into the Temptation and write it anyway. Yeah, I did it again lol. But seriously, everyone says to just write what you want no matter what and great writing will show. However, it will definitely be a lot harder. If there's more stories like yours, then some elements will be the same. And some agents just see the word vampire and groan.

For instance, I have a couple of ideas in my head at the moment. But the one that's aching to come out is a mythology one. At the time, I didn't think it was such a bad idea until I saw a tweet by an awesome agent whose name rhymes with Candy Bubbard. :) I know that's not very subtle but subtlety's overrated lol. She tweeted that she's getting swamped with mythology queries. Even more than vampires. Which basically made me go...