Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trends & Temptation

I never wanted to start a blog. I never thought I'd have much to say to people. But for some reason I had an urge to this morning. So I had to: "Give Into Temptation". (hence the blog title) Haha. Not funny? Yeah, you're in for a treat then :)

So what was this oh so important thing on my mind that wouldn't go away? TRENDS. Yeah, I said it. The dreaded six letter word. *ominous music* We all heard the advice before. Never write to trends. You won't be able to put your all into it if you're just following the trend and even if you do finish a novel, it may be over by then.

But what happens if what you WANT to write happens to follow the trend? Then you have to think long and hard before to Give Into the Temptation and write it anyway. Yeah, I did it again lol. But seriously, everyone says to just write what you want no matter what and great writing will show. However, it will definitely be a lot harder. If there's more stories like yours, then some elements will be the same. And some agents just see the word vampire and groan.

For instance, I have a couple of ideas in my head at the moment. But the one that's aching to come out is a mythology one. At the time, I didn't think it was such a bad idea until I saw a tweet by an awesome agent whose name rhymes with Candy Bubbard. :) I know that's not very subtle but subtlety's overrated lol. She tweeted that she's getting swamped with mythology queries. Even more than vampires. Which basically made me go...

Yeah, I know I'm very dramatic. :) So I let that influence my decision. I went back to editing other stuff and started a new project which was fun but I didn't feel absorbed in it. Then this past week, bits and pieces of the characters from the mythology storyline started coming to me. The expressions on their faces, scenes, and conversations they're going to have with one another. If I told anybody else about the voices, they'd send me to the psychiatric ward but you writers know what I mean when a plot or character won't stop hounding you. Persistent little things.

Then I found some old graphics that my wonderful friend Elana made for me when I told her about my idea months ago. They're photo bases for the characters that we thought up long ago. Needless to say, after seeing these again, I knew I HAD to start on this project. Which I will start on tonight :)

Her graph skills are awesome btw.


Overall, the moral of this long post is (and thanks to everyone who actually continued reading til the end) if  you know that it WILL be harder to sell, BUT the burning desire to tell the story won't go away then go ahead and do it. It can only be better than any half-hearted attempt to write something you don't care for anyway.

Hope I didn't bore you all too much for this first post!

<3 Jenn


  1. You snuck in a blog! And days later I discover it. Shows how much I pay attention.... :)

    Good thing about trends is they go round and round, right? I'm really liking the story you're working on now. Maybe by the time you're done with it, maybe even write another one, and THEN write your mythology story the market will be ready for it again. I don't think it being over-trendy currently is reason enough not to write it, but it just might take a bit before it gets out in the wild.

  2. Hmm, ok. I'm leaving two comments, either because I'm dense or my computer messed up on the first read of this post (I swear it was the latter! but who knows these days...). First time I read this I only got to the baby graphic in the post and didn't see the rest until it refreshed after my first comment went through.

    Anyway, glad you decided to work on this! Mythology is a lot of fun. I want to hear some ideas! :D