Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blurb it!

So for the first time ever, I decided to participate in YA Highway  Road Trip (instead of lurking every week) which is to write a blurb about a favorite book or one of my own novels. I actually like writing blurbs because I can imagine what the back (or front cover) of my novel would sound like. It's so much easier than writing the actual novel :)

So here's one I wrote for my current WIP, a YA contemporary romance called CON.

Sixteen- year old Megan Benson never considered herself a con artist. More like a con doodler. After all, her antics are nowhere near the calibers of her mother’s heists. But even she has to pat herself on the back when she lands them a place living at the Keller mansion. All Megan has to do now is play big sister to Cammy, while her mother works her magic on Mr. Keller, the wealthy owner (and widower) of a successful catering company. Then they’ll be set for life.

Easier said than done. Mr. Keller not only seems immuned to her mother’s charms (and curves), he spends all his time doting on his daughter. In turn, she hero worships Megan, making her feel like scum for using them. The guilt grows stronger when she is confronted by Ian MacMillian, the Keller’s cousin who sees right through her act. 

But with an empty bank account and nowhere else to go, Megan has no choice but to continue the con despite her feelings. Even if it means everything she does and says is a lie.

I wanted to make a graphic to go with this but it turns out I didn't buy photoshop for this new laptop :/. I might be able to whip something up on Windows Paint but it won't be pretty!

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