Friday, March 18, 2011

Agent Pitch Contest!

I had another post planned (I know! TWO in one week! *preens feathers*), but I just couldn't resist. YAtopia is hosting a great contest on their blog here. It's open to all authors with a MG or YA manuscript and the judge is *drumrolls* Ammi Joan Paquette who isn't even OPEN to queries. How awesome would it be to win?

You just have to blog about their contest and fill out the short form below to post in the comments.
Story Name:
Blog/Twitter/Facebook link:
2 Sentence Pitch:
Opening sentence:

Which is a bit harder than it looks. Darn those two sentence pitches! And since we're on the subject of contests, there's another great contest at Oasis for YA where they're celebrating reaching 300 followers! As a prize they're giving out five query or first chapter critiques.

So hurry and go enter before the deadline comes! And good luck! :)


  1. I followed you here because of your pitch. Sounds like something I'd read. It's been fun to look over them all - SO SO different!

    best of luck to you - I only followed a small handful to their homes - just so you know.

  2. Thanks! And good luck to you too!