Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A post! A real genuine not from another blogfest post! I know I'm quite proud of it myself. I figured it was time. Not to mention I'll probably have another blogfest post up in four days :) But okay, back to the point. There's been many exercises about how to shape your character and make them real. Whether it's their favorite color or what they would do if a zombie attacked. (Btw Megan's favorite color is green and she's probably give into the zombies. After all, there's no cure and she knows you can't run forever. She's a bit of a pessimistic and realist that one. Darn her.) But there's another important aspect to make a character believeable.

Their relationships.

Just to make things easier, I'll use various tv shows as my examples. And cause, you know, I want to :)

First off would obviously be Blair and Chuck. Chuck and Blair. This is the type of relationship I LOVE. The love/hate relationship where they feel attracted to each other even though they despise each other. And despite it all they have to be together. And man are they hot together. The chemistry between them is like a explosion.

Next we have my current favorite. Kurt and Blaine. They're both fun, sweet, and honest. No games. No tricks. Just very genuine feelings. And are they boring in the slightest? Uh, not according to all the squealing I did yesterday! They were friends first and slowly realized that they wanted more. At least on Blaine's behalf, but seriously can you blame Kurt for falling for him right away?

Both relationships are completely different, but still equally loveable to fans.Why? Because of the chemistry between them. The dialogue. (Especially the insults and quips between Blair and Chuck). The scenes. And I'm not just talking about romantic relationships. For example, Veronica Mars and her dad. LOVE their chemistry together. (Love her interactions with all characters actually, but no time to fangirl about that tonight)

So remember, don't just worry about the main character. Worry about the other people around them too. What are your favorite type of relationships?

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  1. Oooh, I just thought of a whole smattering of new character meme questions! Thanks for this, Jenn!