Sunday, March 27, 2011

Writer's Mountain

Cause Writer's Block is just too small for what I'm going through right now. And I'm sure every writer has gone through this many many times. It's not the plot or the story that's failing. It's the doubt. The doubt of whether the dream will ever happen. Of snagging an agent and getting published.

In my case, I keep doubting about which story to work on, worrying that I'm picking the wrong one and wasting my time. Should I revise the MG or YA? Should I work on new revisions for the YA or continue the current wip? Which will be THE ONE? Are any of these THE ONE or should I start working on the other ideas I have? As a result, I've hit a major wall. I can't seem to concentrate enough on any of them. I wish I could be one of those people that just pushes through it anyway, but I'm not. Sure, there are the good days when I get a good word count, but it doesn't balance out the many other days when I don't write. And the irony that I'm actually wasting even more time doesn't escape me. Really not a fan of it.

So finally I had enough. I closed all of my word documents I kept open, waiting to be worked on. Instead, I opened a blank page and just wrote whatever came to mind. In this case, it was another idea I had in the back of my mind for a spinoff/sequel. I know I wouldn't be able to finish this and this wouldn't even be my next project when I finish CON. But I wrote the scene in my head anyway. Just for fun.

And it helped. I don't think I'm quite ready to go back to my other projects yet, but it's relaxing just to write for fun. After all, this is what it's supposed to be for, right? To create stories and have fun with it. I think in the midst of all the querying and worrying I've forgotten about that.

What about you guys? What do you do when the stress gets to you and the writing's just not flowing?

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