Friday, March 4, 2011

Gone but not forgotten blogfest

All my posts these days seem to be from blogfests, but I can't help it because they're so great! Today's post is the awesome Gone but not Forgotten hosted by the equally awesome Erinn, Pam, Quita, Holly, and Alicia! It's about the dear shows that have left us but will always be with us.

First off is...

Veronica Mars

This was a recent discovery of mine and I LOVE it. The characters are witty and fun while the plots are so clever. There’s nothing not to like about this show besides the fact that it ended. I confess I didn’t watch much of the third season though because of a certain couple breaking up. I figure if I don’t watch that part then they’ll always be together in my head! I know its denial. Leave me alone! 

The Tudors
This show may not have been very historically accurate, but I still love it anyway! The costumes and drama is just great. The ending was very satisfying though and I liked the way it ended even though I miss Jonathan Rhys Meyers bellowing “I’m the King of England!” every Sunday. 

Legend of the Seeker
I confess I’ve always been a fan of epic fantasies (even though I can’t write it). I watched tons of Hercules and Xena growing up so of course I would love Legend of the Seeker. The characters are just so loveable! And the eye candy doesn’t hurt either. I mean look at him! *fans self*

My ultimate favorite show hands down. This show never fails to crack me up no matter what. I’ve seen all the episodes so many times I can recite all the lines and whip anyone's butt at the trivia game. Yet I still burst out laughing whether I’m watching a rerun on tv and anticipate the next quip or am driving and can watch it in my head (although I really should be watching the road). It ended on a great note yet I still miss it.

One Tree Hill
I know One Tree Hill isn’t off the air yet, but for me it is. Why? Because every since Lucas and Brooke broke up the second time around, I stopped watching it because it was dead to me. Sorry to all the Leyton fans out there, but I’m a through and through Brucas fan J Not the first season, but the second and third season when they became friends and fell in love. In my head they’re still together lol 

Well, those are the top five shows that makes me sigh sadly that it's gone. These are the relatively newer shows. Honorable mentions go to the older ones such as Saved by the Bell (the original gang at Bayside not the New Class), California Dreams, and USA High. Oh, and What I Like About You! All hilarious! :) What are yours? Oh, and here's to leave you with a bit more eye candy...

Oh, Richard Cypher you could be my Seeker any day :)


  1. Veronica Mars, YES! I started late and stopped watching as soon as I found out it was cancelled.

    Good list!


  2. VM, The Tudors, Friends, One Tree Hill??? We are SOULMATES.

    I've been taping this season of OTH, actually. It is sucktastic, but I do want to know how Haley's storyline ends (you know, when the show gets canceled...).

    Great list!!

  3. I guess I need to check out this VMars! :)

    Yes -- I see enough of OTH on The Soup to deter me from watching it now!

  4. You had me until One Tree Hill. That is one I never got into.
    Great picks!!

  5. We need face off on Friends trivia! hehe